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Here's a brief introduction to the smoker's working principle BRADLEY, care sunt controlate electric iar pentru producerea fumului se folosesc biscuiți (brichete) din lemn tocat de diferite arome precum cireș, stejar, măr, arțar, nuc, anin, mesquite, hicori, Jim Beam, amestec special, pacific, whiskey și stejar. The bisquettes are made from chopped wood, so the flavor is strong and fully enjoyable.
Their manufacturing uses a very high pressure and an insignificant amount of food additive (collagen).
In order not to emit tar, the bisquettes are heated for 20 minutes on the electric burner, then replaced, the exhausted bisquette is removed and quenched in water.
So within an hour, the BRADLEY food smoker uses only three bisquettes.
The meat smoking process lasts on an average around 3 hours, and for fish and seafood an hour.
Also, you can smoke cheese in 20 to 30 minutes, vegetables, fruits, everything according to your preferences.
The cost of bisquettes for one hour of smoking is about two dollars and may decrease depending on the flavor and purchased quantity.
Power consumption for smoke production and heating goes around 525-625W/h.

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Putem afuma somon la 105°C timp de o oră, dar dacă dorim să mâncăm BIO atunci reducem temperatura la 50°C timp de patru ore și afumăm tot o singură oră.

De ce 50°C?
• Pentru ca să nu distrugem enzimele din pește.

Vrem să afumăm carne la 100°C - 130°C?
• Nu.
• Cu afumătoarea BRADLEY putem folosi cuptorul la 70°C (să nu distrugem enzimele din carne) timp de 6-7 ore și afumăm doar timp de 3 ore.

Fumul produs de afumătorile BRADLEY este de patru ori mai curat decât la o afumătoare tradițională și de aceea le face să fie atât de apreciate pentru că prepara într-adevăr mâncarea noastră preferată BIO.
Controlul fumului și al temperaturii fac ca noi să obținem o calitate deosebită de fiecare dată a alimentelor preparate, în afumătorile BRADLEY.


We do not have to smoke meat in large quantities because it dehydrates and can not be consumed in time.
It is ideal to keep it frozen and cook it in the BRADLEY FOOD SMOKER in quantities we eat in 2-4 weeks, to be succulent, healthy, fresh and with a great deal of flavor.
Food smoker maintenance is very simple. The cabinet has to be cleaned immediately after use with a sprayable kitchen detergent, the generator from any bisquette scrap, and the bisquette burner with very small grain sand paper.
The BRADLEY FOOD SMOKERS are used in individual homes, hostels, covered areas mostly like terraces, storage areas and spaces without moisture risk.
We use it in open spaces or terraces because in the upper part of the smoker there is an outlet with adjustable closure that can keep / release the smoke as the user likes.
We can smoke food as we wish, both on shelves and vertically, hanged with hooks.


1. In order to create smoke circulation in the cabinet, it is recommended to keep open the top smoke releaser.
2. It is indicated during the smoking process, if smoking is done on the shelves, after an hour and a half to turn the food on the other side, in order to ensure a uniform smoke fusion.
3. It is recommended to consume the food after about 30-60 minutes after the end of the smoking process.
4. We can press the smoked products after we remove them from the smoker between two wooden choppers, over which we place a heavy weight to give them a uniform look.
5. Maceration process can take up to 5 days in a cool environment or in 5 hours if you place the products in vacuum bags.
6. Keeping cold can be done for a long time if we use vacuum bags. Vacuum devices are available at a good prices across know stores.
7. Always use the smoker in an open space to avoid any arson problems (increased temperature in a closed space may result in inappropriate operation).

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