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The operating principle of the BRADLEY SMOKER™ food smokers, which are electrically controlled is based on the production of smoke from wood bisquettes of different flavors such as cherry, oak, apple, maple, pecan, alder, mesquite, hickory, special blend, pacific, whiskey - oak. These bisquettes are made of chopped wood from different essences, so that the aroma is strong and fully enjoyed. A very high pressure and an insignificant amount of food additive (collagen) are used in their manufacture. In order not to emit tar and resins, the bisquettes are heated strictly for 20 minutes on the electric plate, then a new bisquette will replace the burnt one by pushing it into water in order to fully extinguish.

So in an hour, the BRADLEY SMOKER™ food smoker consumes only three biscuits. Meat smoking process takes on average 3 hours, fish and seafood one hour. We can also smoke cheese, vegetables, fruits in 20-30 minutes, depending on your preferences. The cost of biscuits for an hour of smoking is about 1.5€ and can decrease depending on the flavor and the quantity purchased. The electricity consumption for smoke production and heating is 525-625W/h.

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We can smoke salmon at 105°C for an hour, but if we want to eat BIO then reduce the temperature to 50°C and cook for four hours then smoke for another hour.

Why 50°C?
• To prevent the destruction of meat enzymes.

Do we want to smoke meat at 100°C to 130°C?
• No.
• With the BRADLEY smoker we can use the oven function at 70°C (in order to not destroy the enzymes in the meat) for 6-7 hours and only smoke for 3 hours.

The smoke produced by the BRADLEY smokers is four times cleaner than a traditional smoker and that is why it makes them so popular because they really get our favorite BIO food done.
BRADLEY smokers control smoke and temperature and helps us always obtain a special quality for our food.


  • We do not have to smoke meat in large quantities, because over time it dehydrates and can no longer be eaten.
  • It is ideal to keep it frozen and to cook it inside the BRADLEY smoker within the quantities we consume in 2-4 weeks, in order to be juicy, healthy, fresh and rich in flavor.
  • Food smoker maintenance is very simple. The enclosure has to be cleaned immediately after use with a sprayable kitchen detergent. The generator also has to be cleaned of any bisquette residues, and the bisquette burner plate can be cleaned with a very small granular sandpaper.
  • The BRADLEY smoker is to be used in individual homes, boarding houses, covered areas (terraces), warehouses, with access to exterior ventilation and without exposure to humidity.
  • We use it on terraces because in the upper part the smoker there is an adjustable vent, which can keep/ eliminate the smoke to the user's liking.
  • We can smoke food as we wish, either on racks or vertically, hanging from hooks.


  • To create a proper smoke circulation in the food smoker, it is recommended to open the top vent to half.
  • It is recommended during the smoking process, after an hour and a half, to flip the products on the other side in order to ensure uniform smoke rendering, if the smoking is done on racks.
  • It is recommended to consume the products after about 30-60 minutes from the end of the smoking process.
  • We can press the smoked products after removing them from the smoker between two choppers (countertops), over which a large weight is placed, to give them a uniform appearance.
  • The maceration can be done for up to 5 days in a cool environment or in 5 hours if we put the products in vacuum bags.
  • Cold storage can be done for a long time if we use vacuum bags.
  • Always use the smoker in an open space to avoid any problems related to fire (high temperature in an enclosed space can lead to improper operation).