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The success of BRADLEY SMOKER™ Canadian food smokers is related to the bisquettes..
They are made of chopped wood at a certain density. A whole precise technological process is necessary for the bisquettes production.

The aroma emission during the smoking process is influenced by the variety of used bisquettes:
Alder and maple give a rich and distinct aroma to seafood, ham and bacon.
The strong and distinct aroma of mesquite and hickory wood is commonly used to smoke beef or pork.
Apple and cherry give a sweet and fine aroma, especially to poultry or game.
Check the flavor guide for more details.

Burning a bisquette once every 20 minutes; this is the secret of clean smoking. Each used bisquette is easily pushed by the automatic generator system into a bowl of water and replaced with a new one. The cycle continues as long as the generator is loaded with bisquettes. During combustion the aroma is produced only in the first minutes. Once it reaches a specific temperature, the wood can catch fire and start emitting harmful substances such as tar and resins. This will destroy the flavor and quality of your products. At this stage, the wood burns uncontrollably and can even have devastating effects. So don't try to reuse already burned bisquettes from the bowl with water.

A food smoker with 4 or 6 racks burns a bisquette for 20 minutes, so the smoke is four times cleaner than any substitute on the market, and the emitted temperature is controlled, which does not allow your products to carbonize.

12 irresistible aromas, obtained from hardwood. Consistent smoke for a perfect aroma every time! The bisquettes are designed to burn only to the coal stage in order to not emit tar and resins.


The BRADLEY SMOKER™ bisquettes are made of natural wood without other harmful additives. Tests conducted in the laboratories of the Institute of Technology in British Columbia, Canada have shown that the smoke emitted by Bradley bisquettes is four times cleaner than the one produced from natural wood or other substitutes on the market.

99.98% wood from famous trees and fruit trees
0.02% collagen - a natural substance used for binding

The Regulation on the exploitation of wood in the European Union obliges companies that legally market wood products to confirm the origin of the raw material. The regulations are intended to prevent illegal logging practices. All Bradley bisquettes are subject to this process, whether you are a contracted distributor by the manufacturer or not.

Some customers have requested the organic status of Bradley bisquettes. The questions were put to the Soil Association, and they guarantee that the biscuits do not pose a risk, although no certification has been issued to prove this. Anyone is free to request more information on the study from the Soil Association.